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 Little Ashes

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PostSubject: Little Ashes   Little Ashes Icon_minitimeWed Feb 17, 2010 4:40 pm

Okay so I was Target a week ago and as I was looking at movies that I wanted to buy I saw Little Ashes. I bought it. I mean I was interested in it anyway, not just for Rob, but because I love Frederico Garcia Lorca. This is my review: I loved it. It was artistically beautiful and it was very well done. Rob does a good job portraying Salvador Dali, who was know for being a bit off and a being a joker. But if you are watching it only for Rob, you will be sad at the fact the Javier Beltran stole the movie. It is truly about him. There is one scene that makes the movie rated R, but without that scene the story wouldn't be complete...it wouldn't be...honest.
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Little Ashes
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