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 Best of Twi 2009

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PostSubject: Best of Twi 2009   Best of Twi 2009 Icon_minitimeTue Dec 29, 2009 5:28 pm

Why helllloooo Twilight Nation!
It seems I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I just list some of the best Twilight Moments of '09. So sit back and enjoy!
Best of Twi 2009 Vanity-Fair-Twilight-kristen-stewar

Well, it seems the year is coming to an end; all our Twilight stockings have been unwrapped (I got a Team Edward wallet and Twilight socks, what did you get?), and our wallets are empty from seeing New Moon again countless times. Now it’s time to look forward to what 2010 has in store for us. How can you not fangirl in your plaid shirts when thinking about seeing Eclipse (the movie), or the filming of Breaking Dawn (crossing fingers for shooting in Portland), and all the new hot Rob goodness that is coming our way. But we need to say one final farewell to the year that was, a year that brought so many wonderful moments, like:

10. Rob at the Oscars
This is when we realized that “The Rob Wears Prada” = Hyperventilation and your Mother wondering why are you smiling so much, and why are you obsessively checking your e-mail, which you only were doing to check when the pictures of Rob in a suit were up, so you could download them all to your computer and stare at them for the next 7 days.
Best of Twi 2009 Robert-pattinson-oscars-red-carpet-
OMG! I do know how hot I look!

9. The Couve is cool and so is Plaid
With the filming of New Moon and Eclipse in Vancouver, it made millions of fangirls wish they were Canadians. Not to mention, the world wide sensation that made every twihard salvage their local thrift store for a plaid shirt that would make them look as if they were part of the TwiCast. (Guilty!)
Best of Twi 2009 Ashley-greene-jackson-rathbone-vanc
Cutest wannabe couple ever!

8. Team Pellan
With the endless debate of “Are they” or “Aren’t they,” it was nice to know that we all could get behind one relationship where hand holding was the least of our worries.
Best of Twi 2009 42106292-1
This is one epic Bromance

7. Fighting for Unicorns Everywhere

Cab incidents (which later turned out to be over dramatized), and crazy stalker fangirls and paparazzi, made us all join together to fight for our beloved Unicorn Forest (aka Robward). Now a anti-paparazzi law has been signed and it seems RPattz can get just a little more peace in his Heineken soaked Hot Pocket world. Let’s heave a collective sigh and keep fighting.
Best of Twi 2009 Mobbedrob01
Best of Twi 2009 RPPP2
The beginning

6. Vanity Fair
When there are no words, just show pictures.
Best of Twi 2009 2
Do you need help buttoning your shirt?
Best of Twi 2009 12
Why is this so hot?

5. Chris Weitz: The Man with the Orange Pants
Who could not love this charming funny man, who despite his orange pants, made a film that we didn’t completely hate. Catherine Hardwick take some notes from this man: Do not blind your audience with a blue tint, do not make tinker bell fly around whenever Shirtless Rob comes on screen. Look up to Chris Weitz, he knows his stuff. On the other hand, Melissa Rosenburg, watch out! There is a pack of fangirls behind you! But, don’t worry we have someone to take your place. (Anna raises her hand)
Best of Twi 2009 Gallery_main-new-moon-paris-photoca
R.I.P Orange Pants

4. Taylor “TayTay” Lautner
Cute as a button. Dead shmexy. And only 17 (almost 18). This one photo made fangirls over 20 cougars on the hunt for this young wolf.
Best of Twi 2009 Dl-1-3

3. Rob on a Stick Goes Missing
Though definitely not a best moment of ‘09, Rob on a stick going missing shook the world and made us all realize how short life could be. And Despite being just paper heads on sticks, the disappearance of all Rob’s on Sticks made the world just a little bit sadder. Speculations grew about their whereabouts, from relaxing on an island, to being kidnapped by “The Podcast that shall not be named,” all the way to being spotted with Rumbleroar at Pigfarts. They are still missing, which makes me wonder if they will ever come back. Oh, Rob on a Stick, how we miss you.
Best of Twi 2009 Robonstick
Where o' where is Rob on a Stick?

2. New Moon Mania!
Wolfpack. Mike Newton. Muffins. Michael Sheen. “Oh. Paper Cut.” New Moon gave us so many wonderful gifts, that no “Best Of” list would be complete without it. Besides giving us a movie, New Moon Mania gave us empty wallets with Wolfpack Packing Tape, Edward Umbrella’s, and about a thousand other unnecessary things that we now can’t live without. Media outlets and retailers all over the world could not resist dipping into the New Moon pool, delighting fangirls everywhere. Thanks Bath & Body Works for making me feel like I’m in the Twilight Woods. It gets me just that much closer to Edward Cullen.
Best of Twi 2009 6885
Look it's the CLAW!

Find out what the number 1 best moment is . . . NOW!

1. Shirtless Men, Shirtless Men, and even more Shirtless Men
We all remember the day when “those” pictures broke the internet. And we all remember how we cheered every time Shirtless Jacob came on screen. No matter how good or bad New Moon was, we all remember those “special” scenes. Plus, it seems that it is the only thing anyone can talk about, but I’m not complaining.
Best of Twi 2009 LargershirtlessEdward
Best of Twi 2009 35_600x365
**He's only 17! He's only 17!**

Well that was some of the Best Twi Moments of ‘09. Did I miss something? Do you have any other Twi Moments? Comment, comment, and comment again! See you all in 2010!
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PostSubject: Re: Best of Twi 2009   Best of Twi 2009 Icon_minitimeWed Dec 30, 2009 11:47 pm

I agree on your top ten yumm what a really tasty year lol
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Best of Twi 2009
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