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 Where do they go?

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Where do they go? Empty
PostSubject: Where do they go?   Where do they go? Icon_minitimeSun Oct 18, 2009 6:44 pm

I didn't see a place for this, so where do you think the songs on the soundtrack will be in the movie? Where do they go? Icon_scratch


Meet Me On the Equinox- Honestly I'm hoping for whenever they show the title. It would fit the mood and provide a hint of foreshadowing. I will be seriously PO'd if it's the last song in the credits!
Friends- Ugh, all I got is when Bella kind of comes out of her shell/asks all those people to the movies.
Hearing Damage- Bella depressed motage?
Possibility- Ride home from Voltera
A White Demon Love Song- Sorry I'm not a fan, going to have to put this one in the credits
Satellite Heart- After Bella And Jacob fight (you know, when he can't tell her he's a wherewolf)
I Belong to You- When Bella convinces Edward she's not dead.
Roslyn- Credits
Done All Wrong- After she jumped and is lying on Jacob's couch.
Monsters- Something with the wolf pack
Violet Hour- I got nothing
Shooting The Moon- Last song before the credits.
Slow Life- Depressed Bella
No Sound But the Wind- Credits?

My Favorite song is either Meet Me On the Equinox or Satellite Heart.

So! What part of the movie do you see when you hear these songs?
Also, What's your favorite song of the soundtrack?
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Where do they go? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Where do they go?   Where do they go? Icon_minitimeSun Oct 18, 2009 10:00 pm


I don't know about the soundtrack....or where any of the songs would go lol...
you might want to try posting your ideas on Song of the Week I think more people would see it there. Smile

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Where do they go?
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