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 R.P.P.P Post for 9/25/09: Thank You/Survey

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PostSubject: R.P.P.P Post for 9/25/09: Thank You/Survey   Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:36 am

Hello Twilight Nation!

First off, I want to thank you all, for putting up with the R.P.P.P every week.Very Happy
I started the Speak Up and Out series to encourage you all to speak out and do something about what has been happening in recent months. But, only one person volunteered to post within it’s establishment over a month ago. I’m not about to push you all into posting (more than I have already) so consider this a farewell post for the Speak Up and Out series. We had a good run (lol) but I think our time is about over. I don’t like quitting - but I think there is no other choice - I’m running out of ideas (lol). So let me thank Rebecca (Dazzled_By_Edward) for her wonderful post (Rob Said Whaaat?!) And let’s all give her a huge Super Holla for her contribution. Thank You again for being supportive of the R.P.P.P!


Let me take this time to ask you, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE FROM THE R.P.P.P? Do you want us to branch out? Stop all together? Give us your suggestions! We (I) would really appreciate it. Very Happy Thank's Twilight Nation! Laughing

This post has been interrupted by ME!- You may think you know who I am - but you have no idea. (Bwhahaha) I look forward to seeing you soon! (P.S: I'm NOT ---- on a stick - I'm someone else.) Hehehehe!
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R.P.P.P Post for 9/25/09: Thank You/Survey
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