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 Twilight Halloween costumes???

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PostSubject: Twilight Halloween costumes???   Twilight Halloween costumes??? Icon_minitimeThu Sep 24, 2009 4:28 pm

Me & my friend Tori wanna be something Twilight related for Halloween. Any ideas? She likes Esme, and I'm Bella (in our own world, lol.) We want to me kinda matching. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Twilight Halloween costumes??? Icon_study
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Twilight Halloween costumes??? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Twilight Halloween costumes???   Twilight Halloween costumes??? Icon_minitimeMon Sep 28, 2009 2:24 pm

The only thing about dressing up as a character (I realized that last year) is that no one is going to know who you are because they all dress like average people. I finally quit saying I was Alice and instead that I was a vampire because no one knew who she was.

For Esme, I would get a light brown wig (unless her hair is that color) maybe curl it, wear a purple skirt and ruffled blouse and heels, and even better if she has the bracelet.

For Bella, I would get a brown wig (unless your hair already is brown) wear it down with a headband, jeans, thermal with plaid over it, or go prom route and have a blue dress with converse (sneakers) and leggings. Perhaps the white sweater if it is cold.

For make-up, I would have both of you put some white stage make-up on, Bella not so much (dilute it with water perhaps?), some lipstick and heavy circles under Esme's eyes, light eyeshadow for Bella.

It might also help to wear a "Hi, my name is Esme Cullen" or "Hi, my name is Bella Swan" sticker on your shirt. This way, if people ask, just point to it.

Happy Halloween!
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Twilight Halloween costumes???
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