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 I Told you ( a song i made up for new moon)

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PostSubject: I Told you ( a song i made up for new moon)   Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:27 am

Hey Guys I was in a new moon mood so i made up in edwards perspective
to bella some of its not in new moon

It'll Be like i never existed
I'll be the one to leave you this time
it'll be like you never knew me
Just leave the past behind
i'll be the one to say goodbye
i no it seems sudden now
go on with your other life
i know you'll find someone to love

Heard you and the other guy had a thing
yaeh he's got something i can't give
and thats the promise that he'll
never leave you
i told you

You can't mess with destiny
can't fake fate
can't tell a lie
without making mistakes
i told one to you the night i left
said i was over you
i'm such a mess

It goes on but i can't be bothered to write the rest
thanks for reading!!!!
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I Told you ( a song i made up for new moon)
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