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 R.P.P.P. Post for 9/11/09: Rob said Whaaat?!

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R.P.P.P. Post for 9/11/09: Rob said Whaaat?! Empty
PostSubject: R.P.P.P. Post for 9/11/09: Rob said Whaaat?!   R.P.P.P. Post for 9/11/09: Rob said Whaaat?! Icon_minitimeFri Sep 11, 2009 8:16 pm

Hey there everyone! This is my first R.P.P.P. Speak Up and Out Post so bear with me. It probably won't be that good, but I just wanted to get this out there. The format is kind of going along the lines of Kim's Post but it won't near as deep or long. Happy reading!

Rob said whaaat?!

The Problem

We all know that Rob is our little British jokester and we love him for that. He just says the darndest things sometimes. But the media doesn't get his "funnies." They don't understand that he has the dry sense of humor from across the pond, (well across the pond for me at least), and every little thing he says gets blown out of proportion.

For example, we have all heard that Rob doesn't take a shower for weeks. Yes, it came strait from all that is Robert Pattinson, but that was him joking around with Ellen Degeneres on her talk show. After that, all the tabloids said that he hadn't taken a shower for 6 weeks! Now if that were really true, I'm pretty sure he would be walking around looking like Pig Pen from Peanuts. There is just no way someone could go around smelling like they would. He may sometimes dress like he is homeless, but I'm pretty sure he is clean (for the most part).

Why It's Happening

Let's just face it, exaggeration sells, and that is what the media thrives upon. But spreading something that came from the source is even better for them. When Kristen Stewart tells the world that Rob proposed to her several times on set and he admits to that, of course the paparazzi are going to jump on it. They take it as very serious business as it is their job to spread celebrity news. And when they are actually telling the truth, they are not going to feel as bad as they do when they say things like "Kristen is pregnant with Rob's baby!" (not like they have conciseness).

It's Not Just Rob

Another side example, that doesn't pertain to Rob, but demonstrates what I am talking about above, is the Naked Voulturi Incident.

We all remember from a few weeks ago that interview with Jamie Campbell Bower talking about the Voulturi scenes. He told us that there was going to be a nude scene with the Voulturi in a Roman Bath. It was said so convincingly that all the news sites had it up right away it and the fanpires went nuts. A couple of days later, Bower straitened it out and told everyone he was sorry for the joke via Twitter. Chris Weitz also sent out a statement saying that there are no naked scenes in the New Moon and quote Jamie has what you might call a dry sense of humor and almost managed to convince me...

So it's not just Rob out there. The difference between this situation and all of Rob's? No one is there to clean up the mess like Weitz did. Both Twilight and Robert Pattinson are household names. But because Twilight is trying a make a profit, they have to clear things up for the sake of the movie, whereas Rob is just an actor. Sure, he has to make money, but he doesn't really care about that so much as doing what he is good at. He doesn't care what people see him as and he doesn't feel like he has to explain himself, and he shouldn't have to.

How Can You Do Your Part

America obviously doesn't understand any type of dry humor (Remember the Tom Cruise "You're a Jerk" interview from the British War of the Worlds premiere?). The overreaction to these jokes is just sad to see. It doens't seem very accepting of different cultures in the United States and is just plain rude if you ask me. It's a different place that they grew up in, they lived a different life than us (well, compared to myself). I just say take everything you hear with a grain of salt, even if it comes from Rob's mouth. If it seems like something is an exaggeration, it's probably a joke.

You made it to the end!

And there you have it, my little rambling for the Robert Pattinson Protection Program Speak Up and Out series. I suggest you sign up, even if it is just a tiny little blurb. It gets a load off just being able to get my thoughts out there. Contact KPattz87 to take up a spot for an upcoming Friday, we need more ramblers!

That may have been my longest post ever, so if it doesn't make sense, tell me please. I will see if I can clarify what I was trying to say.
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R.P.P.P. Post for 9/11/09: Rob said Whaaat?! Empty
PostSubject: R.P.P.P. Post for 9/11/09: Rob said Whaaat?!   R.P.P.P. Post for 9/11/09: Rob said Whaaat?! Icon_minitimeFri Sep 11, 2009 8:58 pm

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your Speak Up and Out post. **Claps hands** Fantastic! Very Happy

It does seem that no one get's that dry British sense of humor - my favorite kind, inconsequentially. I remember that Mtv interview when Rob said he didn't like kids and everyone made a huge deal out of that. It's like - get a sense of humor people! No one really knows the truth except for Rob. People need to lighten up and the gossip sites need to stop. Every little thing is a big deal. Just a couple a days a go the headline was: "Rob and Kristen go on a date to Bobby Long concert." So, they just happened to forget about the other cast members were there? Get a life! These people are making stuff up that isn't true. They look way too deeply into things. It gives me a headache.

And now I've rambled. So there.

Have to give it to you for the Pig Pen line - GENIUS!

Thanks Rebecca for the wonderful R.P.P.P post! Hopefully others will follow in your footsteps. **Hint** **Hint**

And if we haven't shoved it down your throats already . . . SIGN UP! SIGN UP! WE NEED PEOPLE TO POST!!!! bounce

P.S: Look for something special this weekend Wink from the R.P.P.P! Can you guess what it is??? Probably not so I'll give you a hint: Unicorns and something old that is new again. Very Happy Intriguing isn't it?? Very Happy
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R.P.P.P. Post for 9/11/09: Rob said Whaaat?!
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