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 Student Documentarian Looking for Twilight Fan

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PostSubject: Student Documentarian Looking for Twilight Fan   Student Documentarian Looking for Twilight Fan Icon_minitimeSat Sep 05, 2009 11:50 am

Hi all,
I'm a college student
in Michigan doing my SIP (senior individualized project) -a graduation
requirement at my school- as a documentary video on fan culture. The
purpose of the project is to explore how fandom connects/relates to
larger concepts within society. For example, I interviewed a huge Star
Wars fan who is also a pastor and discussed how being a fan
(particularly of Star Wars) is related to religion and a fan of the show Avatar: The Last Airbender who is protesting the casting of the related live-action movie, which shows how fandom connects to issues of social justice.

I'm posting
here because I would really like to feature a Twilight fan(s) in my
documentary. I'm hoping to go to Forks for Stephenie Meyer Day this
year with some friends and think it would be an excellent shooting
opportunity for this project. What I'd like to highlight by including a
Twilight fan in my project is how fandom really brings people together
as well as take a look at fandom specifically from a woman's perspective (including
some discussion of Twilight's relationship to feminism).

accomplish this I think it best if the fan is female and shares her
passion for Twilight with someone she is close to (a friend, sister,
daughter, mother or even boyfriend/husband/own-personal-Jacob would be very interesting) and who is
attending SMD this year w/ said person(s). Basically this person/these
people would allow me to tag along and tape as they participate in the
fun out in Forks and at some point in the weekend we'd do a 1-2 hour
sit-down interview on camera about what it's like to be a fan etc.

anyone's interested please leave a reply here and we can discuss things
from there. Also, feel free to leave any questions, I'd be happy to
elaborate on the project in more detail.

Sorry if this is a
little awkward, especially since I haven't had the chance to really get
involved in the discussion here so that you all would have a better
idea of who I am as a fan. But I really hope this can work out to be a
amazing addition to my project, and since this is Twilight fandom that
we're talking about I'm sure something great will come out of it.

Thanks a bunch!

If you'd like to see some of my shorter video projects you can find some of them (I'm working at getting the rest uploaded) here
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Student Documentarian Looking for Twilight Fan
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