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 Bella, She's All I Ever Had - Ricky Martin

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PostSubject: Bella, She's All I Ever Had - Ricky Martin   Wed Jul 08, 2009 1:22 am

I know Ricky is total cheese but this might work when Edward leaves Bella in New Moon.

Bella, She's All I Ever Had - Ricky Martin

Spanish Version - translated to English because the English version is actually different

She took a step back, a goodbye, and there's nothing left
Solitude left me, in full sun, in high seas

Bella (beautiful), beautiful...the dawn
Bella, woman's beauty

She gave me everything, From soul to skin
She was the verse to my role, She was my friend, my love
She knew my insides, like a crystal ball
She kept me away from the bad, she gave me her heart

Look at me please, I'm here with my pain

If you ever see her, tell her I still love her

Bella, beautiful...the dawn
I'm here...in a bad way...so alone
Bella, woman's beauty
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Bella, She's All I Ever Had - Ricky Martin
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